User Experience

Improve ease of use and conversion ratios by uderstanding the way users see and interact with your site.

Number One Half-Truth About Pricing

I’ve worked with companies who have great products, great messages, and great customer service, but their pricing just kills their whole marketing package. Customers love hearing about the product, they spend time reading through web materials and brochures, and they even express a desire to buy the product. Then they see the price.

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Marketing Step 1: Get to Know People

“I like to reminisce with people I don’t know. Granted, it takes longer.” –Stephen Wright

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What's Being Said to Your Customers

So much of our time in business is spent crafting the next pitch that we fail to hear what is being said about us. Are your customers happy? Yes? Are they happy because of the benefits you are touting?

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Potato Battery Marketing

We all know what a potato battery is. You put a copper (penny) and a nickel (nickel) electrode in a potato and produce a small current of electricity. It's a classic experiment that's been bouncing around school science fairs for decades. So if everyone has heard about it, why does it keep showing up?

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