Stop Marketing Now!

Don't you know there's a recession on - maybe a depression? You have to stop marketing now. Well, most of you at least. If most of you don't cut back, pull in, downsize, reel in spending, and put a lid on marketing, there won't be opportunity for bold runaway mavericks to grab market share. This is the game plan whenever there's a recession: the timid sheep huddle together to weather the storm while a few rebels thumb there nose at the darkening economy and build bigger, more stable businesses.

This only works if most of you stop marketing. So get on with it already! Follow Obama's lead with GM by cutting your ad budgets, reducing your retail distribution, and reorganizing to deny experienced marketers a seat at the table. If you don't hurry, there won't be time for independent leaders to bullishly drive their companies to the top of the food chain.

I won't bore you by reciting the recessions I've weathered and the market leaders they produced. Sure, some people actually went out of business. You might even go out of business. You might as well get on with your downsizing by cutting marketing. You'll also want to make deep cuts in product development. This is no time to innovate. What problems have ever really been solved by innovation anyway? It's your duty in a recession to observe the media mandate to add to unemployment and leave the market to the rule breakers who just don't know when to stop.

Can you believe Wal-Mart has actually given their brand a face lift during a recession? How do they expect to pay for that? Who do they think they are?

And what's with Ford? They had the audacity to state their rebellious intent just last week, "...we have been executing our plan for several years and now gaining market share and new customers with an unprecedented number of new high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles...." How can they expect to avoid taking bail-out money and acquire a market leadership position during a near depression? Don't they know these are tough economic times?

Please avoid this kind of reckless behavior. Pull in the reigns on those creative rogues in marketing. Don't let them propel you out of this recession and miss the chance to regale your grandchildren with tales of personal hardship in the second downturn of the new millennium. The media, social critics, and posterity are depending on you. Your failure to fail may bar the way for some young Steinbeck to write the next Grapes of Wrath. Step up to the plate and do nothing now!