Disclosure Act: Talk About Writing that Sells

The creative power of congressional writers never ceases to amaze. They've labeled a bill the Disclosure Act, when in actuality it serves to obscure donations from the biggest contributors to political campaigns. Big players like the NRA, Labor Unions, and AARP get a pass on campaign contribution disclosure while grass roots movements are forced to maintain full transparency.

I can't believe this made it off the floor. Even if the senate and president sign off on it, it's going to be challenged in the supreme court on the grounds that it creates an unfair playing field on the exercise of free speech.

I think a real disclosure bill is a great thing. One that forces every organization, regardless of size to disclose their contributions. But that would be too much transparency for most of America's congressional representatives.

Maybe someday we'll get a group of ethically minded leaders who enact some real change rather than playing smoke and mirrors with this charade of political reform.

Keep reading - the truth is out there.