Cut Marketing to Grow Your Company? Huh?

Why is it that when times start to get rocky, companies that have finally started to show a little progress in their branding choose to cut marketing? I mean cut it off completely - pull the e-brake - bring all activities to a screeching halt. Is it just the easiest place to cut back? Do they really feel that cutting back on marketing activities will increase revenue? Will their sales force suddenly become more effective without on-going support from marketing?

My experience has been that companies who choose to cut marketing when times are bad, don't live to see better times. They begin a death spiral from which they never recover.

On the other hand, companies who make cuts in other areas and actually turn up the volume on marketing find that they come through the storm with greater market share, increased revenue, and a much stronger company.

Shrinking to greatness makes absolutely no sense, especially shrinking vital top line activities in the hopes of growing the top line.

If your experience is different, if you have seen marketing cuts save a struggling business, I'd love to here about it.